3fidi goes boating

Today we were cruising around Hoi An and stopped outside a bamboo house. Ash started talking to the old lady inside the house. She invited us in to look at the house. It turns out Ash had met her son who is a local tourism tycoon so she brought out the tea and nibblies. Then she took us for a ride in her boat.

Here she is getting the boat.

We set off.

Ash does the work while she lays back and enjoys the scenery.

This was the third day in a row we had been unexpectedly invited inside a home. The first was with a shopkeeper who was having lunch with his rice farmer mates. The second was my flat tyre – see earlier post.

3 thoughts on “3fidi goes boating”

  1. Almost like riding the tandem Ash – stoker at the back 🙂
    As for Tony I’ll be sending you my physio bills for my neck 🙁
    Dari said you have be looking at places to live over there Ash – make sure there is some single track around 🙂

  2. Hey Tony, looks like your phone camera doesn’t play nice with our blog… maybe from now on only take landscape photos 🙂

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