3FIDI @ Kanangra Classic 100km MTB enduro

Last Saturday  Bleeksie, Libby and myself  ambled up to Oberon in time for registration and then afternoon tea in the local ‘cafe society’ and then a high energy dinner before heading to the campsites at the end of the Kanangra Walls Road. The weather for sunday was fine, cool and windy. Elevation was around 1300m.  The wind wasn’t a real issue as in most of the forest, protection was good. According to the results,  207 started 100km, and 68 started 50km for total 275 riders,  started in a mass-start up a long dirt road, gentle climb before we entered the fire trails that weaved through the Eucalpyt forest.

The going was crushed granite/sandstone roadbase on hardpack double track, fast for the most part with regular mud-bogs and a few drainage bumps and turns on the descents. I think there were about 10 water crossings per lap. Some of them were pretty mild , a couple were knee deep , I waded  them with bike on shoulder  apparently Bleeksie and Lib’ rode through them?!@$%? wtf ?


Enjoyable riding never the less and plenty of room to get around others, the climbs out of the river crossings were quite steep and painful, more so 2nd lap.  Lots of miandering climbs made for a solid workout, and several sweeping  bend undulating  quality track made for stepping on the gas in the big ring and taking advantage of it. Everyone friendly, no attitudes anywhere. Bleeksie on 26″ , Libby and myself on 29ers.


Libby was the fastest female on the day, finishing 23/207 overall – up with the strongest group riders, and in veterans women, she smashed the other riders by a full hour, finishing (2:30, 2:36 = 5:06 total).  Sensational.


Bleeksie finished 8/207  overall , and 2nd in his Super Vet cat. (2:22, 2:27 = 4:49 total) , 2nd by 3min doh ! Still, nice one !!!

update by bleeksie: worth noting that both 1st & 2nd in Super Vets beat all Vets!


I finished 38/207 overall, 18/67 in male vets, (2:32 , 2:50 = 5:23) not bad for my first MTB race.

Analysis : Bleeksie and Libby never stopped and their transition was slick ! I stopped to eat, change clothes and at  transition I applied sunscreen, mixed sports drink all the things I should have done in advance, it cost me at least 20 minutes and about 20 places.  Note to self. Don’t start at the very back , either. I thought that a change of socks at transition would have been nice, also.


We all had a great day. Thanks for Bleeksie for chaufering us around and I learned plenty about MTB racing from those two experienced competitors.