3fidi world tour hopes flattened

Last weekend I competed in the local feeder event for the UCI’s World Cycling Tour finals.  The Gan Fondo Eddy Merckx was held near Liege, over a hilly course a little shy of 160kms.   Unlike most events here, it was timed.   Over 1000 hopefuls turned up for the event – the first 25% in each age group would get through to the finals, to be held in South Africa in August.  Things started out pretty well.  Though my category started well back, I managed to ride up reasonably quickly.  I made it up to a good bunch which powered through the first 100kms (1200m) in about 2 hours 45 minutes.  Things were looking good, even with 12 climbs, some with 21% gradient, to go.  And then I flatted.  By the time it was fixed, I was stuck on my own, fighting a horrible headwind through the Fyshwick of Liege, wishing I was somewhere else – even helping replace the damper on a lefty…  Things improved once the bunch behind finally caught up and I got into the last 40 kms of climbs.  But in the end I rolled in about ten minutes off the slowest qualifying time (for a ride time of 4 hours 55 mins or so).  Looks like we’ll be spending August climbing in the Alps this year.

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  1. nice one Craig. Good to know at least some of the 3fidi are enduring great pain. (I have found MTBing makes the legs soft) . You could get replacing the damper on the lefty down to 15 minutes, about the same as 5 guys helping you fix a road puncture on a Tuesday ride. Got any Garmin data ?

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