All bets are off!

After only 4 rides the enviable happened yesterday, though it was only discovered today after its clean.

Funny thing was that it wasn’t over any jumps but on the rocky section on Deep Creek. I heard/felt the bang  but as I’m half blind when we stopped for Alwyn who was suffering from heat stroke I didn’t see the little indentation. I continued on riding without any noticeable effects.

Luckily the rims have a lifetime warranty – so they say and I am just under the max riding weight of 240lbs but will have to wait till Trev gets back from doing the Hartley to see what happens.

Back to the faithful 26ers

8 thoughts on “All bets are off!”

  1. Actually, I remind you James that it’s: loines, James loines!!

  2. Latest on the rims – bad news is that they are an impact so no replacement but the good news is that they are fine to ride still as the impact hasn’t affected the spoke tension – wheel is still running true and that the same thing happened to Trev 1 year ago and he’s still riding the same rims. If the crack decides to grow then we’ll have to look at alternate solutions.
    So as Alwyn often tells me lines – James – lines – I just need to be a little bit careful of line choice through rock gardens. So hopefully these will last a little longer and I promise to take more care.

  3. Thanks for being the Guinea pig 🙂
    No carbon on any tracks but Bruce and maybe Spowen.

  4. After reading the forums last night you may be on the money Glen though I had the appropriate amount of pressure in them but not sure whether they will replace free of charge. I was running 28psi but most were saying to run 31psi. Still you would expect a mtb rim to handle most things – will be interesting to talk to Trev about it, but I’m sure they’ll look after me.

  5. warranty may not apply to not running enough pressure in them….

  6. James – I am indeed a prophet, perhaps even the Messiah hisself! Mind you, even I didn’t think we’d see a bent rim this quick…sorry mate, you must feel as bad as I did with a rickety headset and double twisted chain…or perhaps 3.5 times as bad…

  7. Happy to share contact info for JASON if you want some excellent carbon rims

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