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MTB Ride Sunday

There was a suggestion that Sunday’s MTB ride this week would be at Kowen. If that be the case, instead of spending a fair bit of the ride getting into Kowen proper from the club course which is on Sutton Road (where the concrete barriers are) I suggest we depart from the old access point. If you are coming from Sutton, turn left at turn into Womboin (there is a new stonework sign). Drive to the top of the hill and turn right. About 200m along the road there is a dirt road to the right. There is a gate on the road so you have to park out on the road proper. Lets say meet at there at 2:30. Below is an aerial shot. The road I am talking about is at the right hand of the picture. Sutton road is halpfcut-off on the left hand side. You can see the dirt road that leads into the pine forest. If this is all too confusing (Alwyn) give me a call.

Do not expect fast and flowing at Kowen but it is a change from the usual.

24hr Handicaps

I see there has been a poll regarding the team selection procedure for the 24hr teams.

Whilst I presume the poll is yet to close and the electoral commission is yet to declare a result, I thought I would post suggested a preliminary handicapping system for consideration in team selection.

The rankings below are based on extensive and robust statistical analysis of last years results. Obviously there may be new or re-joining team members who will need to make a formal submission to the handicapper.

They do not take into account current form which could skew the rankings significantly.

Should the electoral commission confirm “Equally distributed” as the poll winner then I would suggest that each team should have an equal aggregate handicap.






+1 min

Big Jeff

+2 min


+3 min


+3 min


+3 min


+4 min


+5 min


+5 min


+6 min


+8 min

For discussion 🙂