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2016 Mont Course Review

arrowWeather. cool, foggy.

Good course. I like this more than the previous years. No  undulating leg screamers. Starts with some regular trail and then goes to Far East. Smooth, gradual arse-scent to  the top of Long Time,  just one short fireroad pinch….then into an endless   descent, just one place when I got air and then found myself needing to be half way around a left hand corner (while still in the air) . The fun doesnt really start on the first half until the first big descent. Alot of the first  half of the course, especially in the east  is pretty soft under tyre. Not a place for high pressures.

Second half of the course (denoted by the crossover/flyover)  is more familiar and is best done with attention to a good line, avoiding the debris and obstacles. Enjoyable trail choices.

Overall don’t expect any surprises, its a course to suit everyone, in the dark.

8/10. Nice one James.

Recommended bike : Cannondale Scalpel 29er .  (I would say that)



Taxi T-bone

If you have a collision with this guy, let me know. He’s a d1ckhead.

The bigger problem was that he would not admit fault and did not understand that he must look and give way to users of the footpath.

I got  T boned by this guy on the way back from Roasters this morning I was just rolling at 5kmh not even in my cleats across a driveway, when he shot out of a driveway without looking.

The front of his car shows another collision so he has form… I’m OK. just a few bruises and have a good witness.



easy work


They say 2nd babies are born fast. This one went from boring 10 minute apart contractions to born in the hallway of our house in about 20 minutes… all good. mother and daughter 100%.