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Weird Short Crust

I take the sprint I never win (the first sprint in Fraser – uphill!), Big Jeff takes (with a very nice lead out if I do say so….) the second after Bleeksie engages in some under hand 3Fidi 2 tactics almost giving Craig the sprint and Bleeksie comes from third wheel to take the third sprint.

For the record not the fastest short crust with an average of 33.29 (record is 34.69 set 20/11/07) but a pretty impressive top speed of 63.94km/h at the last sprint.

May need to do some timed sprints to see which wheel set is fastest!

Training Calendar

Hey bleeksie,

Are you going to put the session on the calendar?  When I looked at it it said I don’t have permission to view it but I was logged in?

I have made some changes to the Calendar settings, please test if you can add sessions.