CORC XC Race 5

Waaaay too sexy for this race

So it was that I made my way out to Sparrow to link up with Russ and Ash for a ride during and after they finished their race. Upon arrival, Russ gave me the ultimatum of “race or you have to ride naked!”, or words to that effect. It was clear my options were limited.

So, I signed up to race and accidentally put myself in vets, not realising my age group was masters. This meant 4 gruelling 7km laps instead of 3, and also stopped me from riding with Ash and Russ. Damn. I will know for next time.

Nonetheless, good results were had by the fido riders, with Ash finishing 3rd and Russ finishing 6th in masters, while I managed to hold 2nd (thanks to a lengthy fire trail climb at the start of each lap) to finish 2nd in Veterans. The pace was manic and I was riding on the limit of ability for the first 3 laps until a gap opened up and I was able to focus more on lines and not crashing.

Also in attendance was mini-fidi Toby Thompson who took out 4th in the juniors category.

All in all, a good fidi day.

4 thoughts on “CORC XC Race 5”

  1. OI! Just watch it with the “fat” comments. I prefer “buff” and “muscular” thanks very much, skinny man. What’s more, all the pie and beer I’m consuming in Byron at the moment is only serving to enhance my muscled buffness.

  2. No, Russ is in fact fat. And just wait til he comes back from lazing around in Byron for a week.

  3. Nah. Its perspective. Russ is closer to the camera than us.

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