Dairy Whipped


Rode the Dairy Flat points crit race.
A & B grades were combined due to the lack in numbers in A grade (just two of us), the points race was 55 minutes with sprint points every second lap and extra points on the finish line.

I got in an early break for the first 4 laps which gave me the a second and a first (1 & 2 points) then we let ourselves roll back into the bunch.
Laps were taking about 3.5 minutes each so a sprint every 7 minutes or so.
In 55 minutes we completed 16 laps, 7 prime sprints (2, 1 points) and the final sprint (3, 2, 1 points).

We didn’t get a points standing during the race, but it looked like there was a mix of people getting the middle sprints, which gave me the upper hand, keeping an eye on the people that had sprinted for points was getting harder the more of them had snuck in some wins or second placings.
It was going to be pretty much up to the final sprint and getting the 3 points for first.

Luckily Andrew Peel, the only other A-grader decided to lead out all the way from the last turn around and keeping an eye out for the sprinters I managed to Whip them all for the 3 pointer on the final sprint.. woohoo!

3Fidi takes the gold… although I was riding incognito due to the washing cycle 🙂