Dodging deer with the Fredericksburg bunch

On Tuesday day night, I took the rental bike out with the local bunch here in the Texas hill country. Being a town of 10,000 I expected a casual relaxed ride – it was for the first 5 kms. After that, it was an average of 35kmh over rolling hills and along country lanes. Deer on the side of the road slowed us down at times. They don’t seem any smarter than kangaroos and there are a lot of them. Hit one of them at speed and it is, "Oh dear".

We got back after an hour and a half ride. It has since been explained to me that the guy on the right front with the serious legs is a national level 50yr plus mtb rider. The guy on the left is same age but national level cycle cross. That explains what they strung me out even though I largely wheelsucked since I had no idea where I was going. Well that was my excuse.