Le Tour Etape 10 de Kevin


Allez le tour mit Kevin, look out for us around 136km from the finish of the stage 10 hopefully on the 4th category climb at Cote de Benevent-l’Abbaye. We are camped at Montmorrillon about 70km from the route and should get there before 2pm local time when the train of pain (translates to bread here?) should pass, that is if we don’t eat too many macaroons (the local delicacy).

I have a can of white spray paint and a number of Australian flags picked up from the two dollar shop as well as some 3Fidi apparel so look out… forecast for grey sky and possible showers so may be a bit soggy and smudged…

ignition Cadel!



PS. There was a criterium here when we arrived around the rues around centreville that blocked all of the streets in the centre and we had park and walk to the Hotel. There were only about 20 people in the race and all over 40, one lady was wearing jeans and on a mountain bike yet they had probably 20 marshalls on the course, amazing.