Lake George Ride

Dayn, Cath, Bundy, Big Jeff, Little Jeff, John, Millgate and I did the Lake George ride this morning – it was a bit cool to start but was really warm by the end of the ride – even a bit of sunburn.  Two punctures (Bundy and me).  Coffee at Tosolini’s.  31.25 average.

Training Calendar

Hey bleeksie,

Are you going to put the session on the calendar?  When I looked at it it said I don’t have permission to view it but I was logged in?

I have made some changes to the Calendar settings, please test if you can add sessions.

Too much training?

I am starting to wonder if all this extra xpd training is doing any good 🙂
Although Tuesday morning I managed to fly up Stromlo, then a Mt Ainslie heavy backpack session and Majura MTB session later, this morning’s Train-o-pain wasn’t successful.
I only managed to hang onto the bunch for 16 minutes, lost them on Parks Way.
Luckily Matt had a flat turning up Commonwealth Ave, so it felt like I did the right thing and stopped to help (i.e. rest)


Picture 5.png

Team blog starting up!

Hi all,

You are able to leave posts and photos to your hearts content.

Login at bottom right, then select “Write -> Posts” set a title and add the story, then click “Publish” in the grey box on the right.
To add an image select the first icon next to “Add media:” above the story text, and follow the prompts.
If you would like people to comment on your post then scroll down and tick the “Allow Comments” box in the Comments & Pings advanced options.

Here’s hoping the team has things to tell!