Slacked off one day then paid for it another

Last Thursday was such a nice day that I decided to head for the hills and ride a reasonable mountain pass, then just as I arrived at the foot of the hills I bumped into the local club bunch, who had an impromptu scheduled ride during the current school holidays.
I had a decision to make, do I go for the hills or join the bunch….. nah, bunch it was…. phew, managed to avoid the big climbing.

surprise bunch ride

But, todays regular Saturday bunch was bigger than usual with a lot more faster guys, plus the ride was into the hills…..doh!

pnctures even where there is no Bogan-gravel

Ended up 37% into Zone 4…. my legs are shattered, lost the the faster guys on the climb but managed to claim 2nd overall on the down hill chasing them down.


One thought on “Slacked off one day then paid for it another”

  1. Isn’t that a normal heart rate 🙂
    Good effort Jensie, oops I mean Bleeksie

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