Stitching is quick, mending is slow

I originally thought some of the upper part of my leg was missing, that was after seeing it at the finish of the enduro after riding with it for 1km back to the finish. There was no pain and more blood from a graze on my other knee. It was 11.15am and Harry was picking me up to at 1.30pm to go to see the Pixies play in Sydney. After freaking the first time first aider I took off for Woden deciding not to look for the seemingly missing strip of flesh out on the course.

After pleading with CALMS I got into a consulting room to see if the doctor could stitch it. To my surprise it came together well and was just a clean deep cut that had pulled apart on the ride to the finish. 12 stitches later I was home by 12.45pm and ready for pick up.

The stitches had been holding well and I have been riding OK, that was until yesterday when it has started to get a little sore…perhaps the healing schedule was a little optimistic for the Mont….

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