The New Tandem Is Go


Meet Don’s new machine, purchased with the help of a disabilities “Quality of Life” grant. It’s certainly improved my quality of life. The frame is Titanium, custom made by XACD – “located in the historic, ancient Chinese city of Xi’an”, where the terracotta warriors are. After about half a million emails with the infamously abrupt Porter, we were relieved when the frame arrived looking all correct and very sexy.


The welds are neat as you like, and the measurements are spot on. The Ti rides beautifully, a perfect balance between stiff and springy. Having a Ti frame of this length is a really special feeling. It just morphs across bumps in the road like a big magic carpet. The handling is much closer to the feeling of a single road bike, too.  It really rails the corners. Awesome fun.

Medium sized FIDIs are welcome to have a test ride. Don will need some pilots on tap while I’m away in Vietnam from June, so if anyone is keen I can give you a little training session. There’s really nothing to it.


2 thoughts on “The New Tandem Is Go”

  1. I love the flat top bar, makes it look normal size 🙂

    1. Yep, we thought that was the most elegant geo. The ‘dales are all really low at the back. They are aiming for the husband & wife market! Those bikes have a real “rear steer” effect. An yhow given we were basically fumbling around in the dark on the geo it rides very nicely. Win! 😉

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