Willo or Won’to

I headed out to the James Williamson ‘Willo” 75km race in Wingelo and wasn’t confident that my ribs were going to last the first of the 3 lapper.

Started from the front row in our wave together with Jenni Fay, Gary James and John Henderson. Jenni lead us out for a bit while my legs started to warm up, then after a short turn by Gary I popped myself on the front and smashed the first lap hard.

Then had to let the other two guys go as my legs were not happy, 2nd lap was down to a crawl and Ray Giddens (rode with us in Mongolia last year) picked me up and told me to hang on to his wheel, but soon after I had to let him go as well.

Ah well 4th it is, I was already happy to make it through the first lap without my sore ribs getting any worse. Managing cramps in my legs and keeping the pace consistent through the 3rd lap without letting anymore Super Masters passed.

BTW: Jenni had passed me well before Ray 🙂

Sausage sanger, hot-choc and a coke did wonders while waiting for Milly Brent (Ron’s daughter – who I gave a lift out) received here price for 3rd in the females 50km event. Just when I was thinking of heading home early, Gary walked passed and said that John Henderson had mentioned during lap one about the pace being insane… and who is this guys!? 🙂 Apparently the first lap cooked his legs even more than mine and he ended up bailing after 2 laps… Woohoo, this means I moved into 3rd spot on the podium… yeah!

It is a fun event with nice single track but plenty of fire-road for the roadies.
We felt like Pros signing the big board.

Willo 2013 sign on board (like the Pros)

Bleeksie 3rd in Super Masters 75km Willo 2013

Milly Brent (3Kidi) 3rd in Willo 2013 50km

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  1. Nice one Bleeksie, got to keep Gary and others guessing

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