2nd in Stromlo Cirt

3Fidi was represented in B-grade by myself and Craig and the temperature must have been over 35 degrees…. bloody hot and dry!

After a few laps of short breaks by several people, I managed to get out on my own, holding the pace for a couple of laps on my own. I looked around and noticed Craig at the front of the chasing bunch… luckily he was strategically riding at a pace a fraction slower than mine 🙂
After several laps on my own I slowed it down a little to try and extricate some more riders to improve the break chances.
Soon 3 other riders came across and we worked it until the end.
A-grade came past us on something like the 3rd last lap, and the rest of the B-grade chasing bunch had dwindled in size to about 3 riders including Craig.

I got stuck with leading out the sprint into the wind around the last corner and missed 1st place by a wheel. Craig came in a good 5th(?).

3Fidi colours looked good on the course…. come out next time!!!!!!

Picture 6.png