2x 3rd for 3Fidi

3Fidi had 3 riders in the Saturday races for the Canberra Cycles Trophy, Myself and Craig in A-grade and Greg in B-grade.

The race was from Uriarra Homestead to top of Uriarra Crossing back to top of hill past the short turn (Blue Range Spur) by two laps. Finish going down hill at Uriarra Homestead.

The A-grade was a fairly small bunch that worked comfortably together without any major breaks. Some, including myself, tried to split the group every now and then without success. Even though it is only a small climb, going up to Blue Range twice was always going to be a struggle for me and I made sure I tucked in lots on the second run towards the foot of the hill.
Craig split the bunch on the second climb taking with him Ian Downing and Paul Schell. By the turn around at the top the bunch was well split into pieces and I wasn’t sure if I could get back on, but luckily I put the Bleeksie Bus into top gear and on the longish down hill to the finish I managed to get myself and several others back on the leading bunch.

Now it was up to somebody to start the sprint lead out and with Ian Downing in the bunch there wasn’t really a chance for first place. I decided to start the sprint lead out at about 800 meter as we crested the last undulation and managed to hold on for 3rd, as Ian and Paul sucked my wheel and got the best lead out for 1st and 2nd respectively.

Craig had used up his legs on the short climbs and wished that the climbs had been longer, much much longer, and didn’t have any kick left to contest placings.

Greg took 3rd in B-grade and he will have to write his grades race story.

Bleeksie 3rd for Bronze

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