3Fidi scores in NZ

Last weekend we had a 3Fidi team member, Karl Strode-Penny, in the world’s first, lift-accessed, 6 hr Super D, endurance mountain bike race called Brake Burner in New Zealand.

This unique event encompasses adrenalin, speed, thrill and atmosphere. It is the only ‘gravity assisted‘ mountain bike endurance relay event with the aid of a chair lift. Like a Super D race on steroids.


Congratulation to Karl!

Photo of one of Karl’s training buddies, “Goose”.


note: A ‘Super D race’ is best described as a downhill cross country race. Courses normally lack the more technical and danger packed elements of a straight downhill and, usually, have some climbing. Any bike will do for a Super D race, but the best bike would be an all-mountain/trail bike with 4-6 inches of travel.