Team 3FIDI:

A group of men (in tights) and women (also in tights) from Canberra Australia, with some interstate and international members thrown in the mix. Many of the members have years of solo and combined sporting achievements under their belts, ranging from scrabble to adventure racing, including numerous training and planning sessions at pubs and cafes.

Our aim as grind-riders:

To complete every race and training session with discussions of the ups and downs while spending our 3fidi at a grind house, of the coffee or malt/yeast grind variety.




3FIDI bunch rules of etiquette
And at any time you ride wearing any 3FIDI kit item!

On the road:

  1. Be predictable – think about your actions and call or signal your intensions:
  1. Do not brake suddenly.
  2. Do not move out of the line suddenly.
  3. Avoid creating ripple effects in the bunch.

  • On-road hazards – look ahead on the front, look back at the rear
    1. Point to and/or call out hazards.
    2. Relay the calls/signals down/up the bunch.
    3. At faster pace you must CALL the hazard.
    4. Only the last rider in the bunch is allowed and must call lane changes with “Over now” if they hear a request of “Call it right/left!” OR if they know the route and it is safe to do so. Use “Car(s) back!” when not safe. All other bunch riders may ONLY relay these calls and must only do so after the last rider has made the call.

  • Bunch formation – keeping it tidy
    1. Stay in line do not drift sideways, both inside & outside pace lines.
    2. Stay directly alongside the rider next to you, no half-wheeling.
    3. Slow down to match your partner, not speed up unless rolling over or sprinting.
    4. Tighten up the formation after a traffic call is made, especially the straight-line formation.

  • Pace consistency – riding for the bunch
    1. Look at your speedo, look at the bunch and keep the pace steady and appropriate for the ride.
    2. Do not race and half-wheel in the front left position.
    3. Racing or half-wheeling in the front right position must turn into a pace line roll-through.

  • Pace lines – keeping a smooth bunch
    1. Avoid free-wheeling on the front – If you do, everyone behind you is on the their brakes.
    2. Do not leave gaps in the pace line – if the pace is too hot for you then wave the next rider around.
    3. Do not randomly pass 3-abreast, unless asked by rider in front or on designated sprint segments.

  • General safety and courtesies
    1. Tell the bunch clearly if you peel off to go home or you are dropping off the back and don’t want to people wait.
    2. Wait for slower riders – especially after sprint segments unless the bunch has been told not too by the slower riders.
    3. During sprint segments – if you don’t want to (or can’t) participate in the sprint then indicate your intensions and stay on your line.
    4. Do not leave punctured tubes or other rubbish behind.
    5. Carry your own spare tube and pump and repay tubes if you borrow one.
    6. Keep your bike running smooth, oiled and safe for the bunch (dirty is fine).
    7. Be polite and considerate to other riders (especially non-3fidi riders).

  • 3FIDI exposure – we are being watched
    1. Do not run red lights, unless the bunch has first stopped and collectively decided the lights are not changing and it is safe to proceed.
    2. Give drivers the benefit of doubt, unless it is a clear violation of our safety and/or rights.
    3. Obey general road rules and consider road-works recommendations of detours etc.
    4. Never boast about how good or fast you are!
    5. All in all, do not behave like a dick, as it reflects badly on the whole team.

    On the Dirt:

    1. Overtake carefully and with grace after calling “Track please!” or “When there is space I will pass!” consider it a little rest if you have to wait a few meters, it will pay-off later.
    2. Move out of the way when faster riders call “track”, then letting all riders in the faster group through even if you have to stop briefly, they are most likely beating you anyway.
    3. Do not ride parks, forests, tracks that are closed due to maintenance or fire/safety risks.
    4. See all the General safety and courtesies above.
    5. All in all, do not behave like a dick, as it reflects badly on the whole team.

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