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Meryla Pass day

Wingello Forest
Three fidis, Greg, Alwyn and myself piled into Greg’s car and drove to Wingello Forest, all the while watching the rain radar. It was touch and go if we’d get wet… actually no, there was a small likely hood we’d NOT get wet.
Still, the tracks in Wingello manage the water really well and we headed in deep, armed with a few rain layers.
Temperature was balmy and the drizzle came and went, but the track were quite sloshy in parts and by the time we rolled out of the 24km loop we looked like a bunch of cool miners finishing a dig.

Meryla Pass
After some hard earned lunch in Bundanoon, we contemplated the weather and decided it was dry enough to continue our ride day and drove on to Fitzroy Falls to start the Meryla Pass loop.
Luckily we were prepared for rain, and had brought spare clothes and rinding kit.
All decked out in fresh kit we roll out towards the pass. The tracks are wider, the weather is dryer and the banter has increased.
It’s a big climb to get back up to the falls elevation, but once back up it is worth the suffering.
All-in-all a great day of riding.

Meryla Pass:

Indian Pacific Wheel Race snap

While Greg & I had a break in Wodonga, on our way to race the Otway-300 in Victoria, we managed to chase down Adam Hunter and Belgium rider, Kim Raeymaekers, in Kiewa.
Unbeknowns to us that at that time the tragic Monaro highway accident had already happened.

2016 Kowalski Classic

This years Kowalski was initially rained out and postponed, luckily as the new date ended up with perfect HERO-Dirt.
3FIDI had some results, and 3 representatives… James Hall, Ray Marcello and Bleeksie.

Due to the postponement the numbers had dropped to about 900, still pretty good competition in all the categories.

In the 50km, James managed 1st on his single speed, even after he dropped his chain about 26 “thousand” times.
Bleeksie managed to sneak on the 100km podium for 3rd in the 50+, and still a respectable 15th overall.
Ray enjoyed his roll around Sparrow.