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Who likes cheap Chinese carbon bits? (not me)

I swear that the snazzy carbon integrated bars & stem that I ordered online from China aren’t supposed to do this while I’m travelling at 40-50km/h. Two pieces for the price of one – Who would have though they were such good value!?!





No warning or reason. I didn’t hit a bump or anything. The first thing I knew was that I was about to hit my bars, still held in both hands, on the top of my front wheel. That really didn’t feel right.

The first thing to hit the road was my helmet camera – It’s smashed. Unfortunately, this meant that film of the crash wasn’t captured properly 🙁

Oh, well.  Can I still list the camera on eBay as “slightly used”?


My favorite winter cycling jacket – RIP (pardon the pun)



I was carrying an asthma inhaler in my jersey pocket. Here is a ‘before and after’ pic – Can you tell which is which?



Thanks to everyone for keeping the cars from running me over while I lay on the road, for calling me a cab, and for generally looking after me. All very much appreciated.

I’m a bit scraped and my left hip will be a lovely shade of purple-black by the end of today. Nothing broken, though, except my faith in cheap Chinese bike parts.

Ride safe. Ride brands that have a QA department.