BC Bike Race 2010

Just a quick wrap-up of the BC Bike Race 2010. Bleeksie was shooting video so hopefully I short film will result.

The first thing I would like to say is a big thank you to Louise, Pip and Sam. Me being away for two weeks was a bis ask and in her usual way Louise was nothing but supportive. There is no doubt that she is the best thing I have going for me. The girls were terrific for Louise too.

Anyway. It is difficult to describe what the race was like. I have never done a stage race before and it is tough on lots of different levels. My own goal was to ride a pace that would see me finish in good order but allow me to get to the finish and enjoy the trails. I like to think that I achieved that balance.

There were seven stages in all (not including the prologue which of course Bleeksie won!!!). It is not a point to point race. Rather, stages are hosted by local MTB communities and you then bus and ferry to the different stages. There was one stage where we ended in a different place to where we started (ending at a ferry for transport to Squamish).

I lost a day on my GPS so my records are incomplete (I do not have the Cumberland stage which was the stage both Bleeksie and Greg had mechanicals). Roughly, I think we rode around 360km and climbed over 8,000 meters. A very large percentage of the race was on single track (my very rough guess would be around 260km).

The tracks were varied. Almost all were in lush cold-climate rain forest. The trees were beautiful. Very tall conifers. Every day I found myself exclaiming as to the beauty of the place. It is very, very beautiful. As I said, the tracks were a mix: from awesome, fast flowing hard packed single to really slow, hard, root infested loam tracks. At times, our speed was no more than a hand full of km’s an hour. At other times, it was full throttle descending. It had it all.

To give you a rough idea of the terrain and the route, I below are the days stages with a small map and elevation.

28 June - Nanimo

30 June - Powell River1 July - Earls CoveSechalt - 2 July3 July - Squamish4 July - Whislter

For me, the descents were of course the highlight. Again, it is hard to describe and put into perspective. I have never had brake fade before but on the whistler descent, it was all I could do to keep my brakes working toward the bottom while still trying to enjoy table tops that stood 6 feet tall and banked corners that swallowed grown men……..

The best way to get an idea of the trails is to watch the videos which the BC Race guys did which are available here:


Finally, a couple of shots I took before and after racing to give you a feel.


Stunning coast
Stunning coast
Tent city was erected each day by the crew....
Tent city was erected each day by the crew....

Bleeksie and the mountains.....Dinner was...The end of a long day....Coffee...Some camp sites were awesomeMassage tent in action....Bikes, tents and mountainsBleeksie 200 feet above the ground.......Finally, finally – thanks to Greg and Bleeksie for making the journey. Good memories.