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Team Musette Hill Climb Time Trial 2008

Sunday I rode the Team Musette annual handicap hill climb time trial down in Vic with Andre, a friend from Melbourne.  Team Musette is Andre’s 3Fidi equivalent in Melbourne.
Course: Main Street of Warburton to the top of the Summit Road of Mount Donna Buang.
Estimated distance: 18km
Elevation: 1100m+ at a very steady 6-8%.
Weapon: Andre’s ‘the spare’ bike. OCR Giant/Tiagra, a solid 9kg+.  60cm frame (4 sizes too big), size 48 shoes (5 sizes too big), triple chain ring (godsend)…. have i made enough excuses yet?
+7” (not seconds, minutes!)
Quadzilla on a carbon kestrel time trial bike also on my handicap. Maybe it was just the fact that while I quietly sat waiting to start and trying not to fall out of my borrowed knicks, he did a 30min warmup!
Dave and Kirsty’s Bowen Estate the night before.
See ‘Weapon’. 
Handicap spread: Around 32 minutes.
I went 70” flat. Best effort on the day was 56” from an unassuming (and far too nice to be a roadie) and accomplished first grader from Hawthorn CC. A not so unassuming but equally nice bloke with a very Euro accent and quite delightful nickname, ‘Fat Pete’, went 60”. A smart alek 16 y.o. went about the same and then quaddy about a minute ahead of me. I ended up 5th on elapsed time, stone motherless last on handicap. There was a gap of about 6 mins from me to the next quickest elapsed time.