My weekend break..

The temporary cast – fibreglass goes on when the swelling goes down

..was the 5th metatarsal on my right hand. Mixture of a dumb choice of line, too much speed and a metal boom gate. I also discovered after 4+ hours in emergency, 2 x-rays and a CT scan that although my scaphoid (base of the thumb) had survived intact this time I have broken it in the past (news to me) and I have bits of bone floating around. Oh well, another 6 weeks off the bike (and don’t worry the bike is unscathed).


3 thoughts on “My weekend break..”

  1. That’s a serious injury – for a 5th metatarsal to move all the way from your foot to your hand suggests a very high velocity impact. I try to keep mine in my feet where they make a valuable contribution to my bi-pedal stability.

    🙂 John

  2. Scaphoid strikes again. Matt, I have about 80 peer reviewed papers on hand (scaphoid) injury, treatment and outcomes if you want to know more than the surgeon….

  3. Maybe you broke the thumb on Saturday Afternoon which led of course to your understeering when trying to avoid the launch off – luckily it was still good enough to cook those lovely steaks though for us last night.
    And the Scott was looking promising 🙁

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