Results at the Scott 24 hour 2012

“3FIDI” 6 man mixed:
Bleeksie, Ashley, Steve, Blunn, Greg, Anne rode well and the team lead the field from lap 1.
There was one team ‘Strava Whores’ who threatened the team with only a 12 minute buffer after 10 hours, but they faulted and disappeared from the scene during the night. Then keeping the pace constant ended with a 2.5 hour lead over next team.
1st in category, 4th in all mixed teams, 15th overall

Libby and Martin – “2FIDI the better value fidi”:
Riding pairs is a hard task and both Libby and Martin did an awesome job, also unchallenged after several laps and building a gap to the next team of 6+ hours.
1st in category, 16th in all mixed teams, 95th overall

Chris riding solo as “1FIDI”, riding well but, after 14 laps, coming down with the lung lurgy that was still lingering in the background:
DNF, but number of laps in 10 hours would have already placed him around 17th place

Coach and Rusty were out-sourced to riding in the corporate “CIC Australia” male team of 6:
They rode well but had some seriously strong competition.
12th in category, 46th overall