taming the bird

Great event, we should have had several teams in!

Seemed that not having solos, twos and threes team put more strong riders in the foursomes…. wasn’t looking to optimistic.

After 6 laps we were 4th… mmm ok, maybe we can stay in top 5, then looking at the times there were only 8 minutes between 1st and 4th. There was still hope!
Wasn’t till later in the evening that we suddenly were in the lead by 2 minutes, ahead of team that included Greg Burghardt (that new 3Fidi member).

We lost the lead by a couple of minutes only when Doggi & Alwyn rode back to back for 4 laps against the other teams slightly faster riders, then got it back when Greg had a mechanical and Tom & I did our back to back laps.
Nearing the end we just kept good pace and just stayed in front, finishing 11 minutes ahead of Greg’s team, although they were not mentioned at presentation… no idea what happened for them to not be listed anymore!?

Sparrow was in top form after the down poor on Friday, so nice! Camping was awesome, so much space!
I had my fastest laps at night at 50 minutes (or so I thought, now the official timing says 54…what the F@#$!), and the fastest lap overall was 43 minutes.
Tom was lapping between 49 – 52, Alwyn 52 – 59, Doggi 54 – 68 and Bleeksie 50 – 55. (approx times that I remember, be interesting to see the official times)

Alain’s son had the fastest average 3-lap times of 44.+km/h … a machine, winning himself a nice gold bike.

27 laps in 24:49
Doggi, Alwyn, Tomcat, Bleeksie

1st in Foursome Male 40+
ca. 9th in all four man teams
ca. 23rd overall (including sixes)

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Picture 2.png