Train of Pain derailed

Bleeksie and I vetured out for the weekly ‘Train of Pain’ on Friday morning.  A bit windy, but it was nice and warm.  And while the pace was typically fast we were both working the front fairly often.  That was until the guy behind me got hooked up on my rear wheel.  I mean literally – his bars somehow ended up through my back wheel.  He hit the deck, while I managed to keep it upright with the rear wheel dragging along the ground – and his bike with it!  Initially, things looked ok: a bent spoke, buckled wheel, but all fixable.  On closer inspection, however, the frame had a few bites taken out of the rear seat stay.  They look superficial-ish.  I will be seeing the bike doctor again next week.  In the meantime, its back to the Trek and the world of pain that is 9-speed aluminium…



One thought on “Train of Pain derailed”

  1. Time to come back to the civilized Friday gang from Phillip??

    We need the numbers – things are so grim I’ve been having to attack to get the pace up:) And you can always sit on the front and drive as hard as you like and just leave me to hang off the back where I belong!


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