Virgin Ride – New Specialized Stump Jumper

Had a great ride with the few commited, including Birthday Boy “Big Jeff – 39”, Doggy and Harry over at Majura Pines this morning. The new bike was bought on Monday after another 2 1/2 hours of testing at Stromlo and even though slightly slower up hills than the Pivot Mach4 at the same weight (well actually slightly lighter) and $1250 cheaper I thought it’ll look after the back better with the more upright position and extra inch of travel in the forks.

It decends so much smoother and effortlessly than the Rocky Mountain and absolutely floats over all the jumps. Unfortunately though in my haste for jumping this mroning I slashed the side wall of the rear tyre somewhere and a 7mm gash appeared while I was cleaning the bike down. I’ve put a special patch on the inside of the tyre as it’s brand new ($80) and hopefully it will give me a few more rides before blowing out.

Big Jeff sustained a mystery flat just before the narrow bridge crossing on the hill so he had to get off his bike and walk across – one of these days he’ll ride across it – probably once he matures and reaches 40.

If you notice in the “before I ride this bike it will never be this clean again” shot the bike was bought with 3Fidi colours in mind.

James 🙂