Alwyn & Dayno go riding in the Victorian Alps

Dayno and I had the pleasure of 4 days in the Victorian Alps last week – we went on bikes, hired bikes down there, and did a bit of riding…sometimes; and we visited all the craft breweries too… We’d done some riding before this, and did some more riding after… This was after a long hard day’s riding… (Beechworth Pale) I think we rode before this one… And either we just finished riding, or we’re just about to go riding (hard of course) Look! Dayne’s in 3FIDI kit, and its muddy – so he must have been riding. We’d earned those little sips of beer by then I think… (Bright ale selection) This was lunchtime after a hard, hard morning ride This was when Dayne decide he ought to take a picture (after a long ride of course) Sometimes we rode these as well as our bikes, but not in 3FIDI kit… Bright is worth a 3FIDI weekend visit we believe – loadsa great road riding and a good selection of mtb tracks (bit steep and not as contoured as we are used to but there you go); and there’s a brewery or two down there as well. We stayed at Bright Velo for 2 nights – great crack and a cycling hub Cheers