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23 August 2012

This morning 3Fidi rider Ashley Carruthers tackled the group’s traditional Thursday Stromlo ride alone. Where were his teammates? This is the question that has the cycling world abuzz.

When interviewed by Velo News, Carruthers said “Look, I don’t hold it against the other guys that they stood me up this morning. There were some puddles out there that were all of 2cm deep. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you put it in millimeters it gets scary“.

Carruthers was initially shocked that he was the sole rider to turn up at the carpark. After getting over his disappointment, he bravely headed out alone into the wet and dark to do a 12km lap alone except for the company of the kangaroos. His enjoyment of the ride and of the spectacular dawn views was alloyed however by nagging doubts about the status of his team’s mojo.

When only one member of the so-called ‘gun’ team turns up because it’s a little bit wet, you have to ask yourself about our prospects for victory in the Scott 24hr,” the bespattered rider said with a damp air. “If we’re going to win we’ll need more balls than that“.

Dicky Newy of Newy’s Cogheads, 3Fidi’s arch rivals for the Scott crown, greeted the news with delight. “Ha ha“, Newcastle-based Newy said.

We ride in the wet up here all the time. I’m just hoping it rains during the Scott. 3Fidi will probably just pack up and go home. ‘Ooh, the scary rain!’,” Newy mocked.

Velo News contacted 3Fidi team leader Robert Bleeker, who commented only that he had not ridden because he had a “sore knee“.

So how will Carruthers pull up after this devastating experience?

Right now I’m still a little bit traumatised“, the clearly dazed 3Fidi climber said. “But in time, with the support of my loved ones and my team mates, I hope to get back to something resembling normality“.