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3fidi takes 6hr Night Rogaine

Saturday night saw the annual 6 hour night Rogaine event on a beautiful balmy spring evening.
Passed winners include several 3fidi members, Karl Strode-Penny (with Paula) and Adam Hunter (3 times).
I teamed up with my XPD team members, Nathan Versey and Chris Thompson, and we took on a star studded field (i.e Tom and Alina 🙂 ).

During the map planning session we ended up changing our route a little to match Tom & Alina’s, them being the champion mappers, and it obviously paid off.

We saw Tom & Alina twice during the event and the last time was just before my knee gave way and I pulled the pin on taking more points, probably roughly the same time when Tom lost his control card… ?? what happened there Tom.
There were plenty of blackberries and my home-made gaiters stood up to the challenge well, saving my legs from being ripped to shreds.

Updated after re-count:
Tom & Alina went on picked up more markers on the way to the Hash-House and ended up with 150 more points (this is after Tom found his control card and re-counted) than us at the end, they came in 9 minutes late and we came in 1 minute late and deducting 10 points per minute late, they still ended up with 70 more points, giving Tom & Alina 1st overall.

3Fidi, takes 1st in mixed, 1st men’s, and 1st & 2nd overall.