Dance Race

The Dance Race is a fiendish concept thought up by someone in the Danang cycling club. Rules: No seats. No contact with the top tube. No feet down. 1 ascent of Tony’s old friend Monkey Mountain, 5.7km @ 10%. Go.

Dude where’s my seat?

There were about 10 starters, two refs mounted on motorbikes to invigilate the no sitting rule, a bunch of MTB and Honda-mounted spectators, and a US army jeep from Saigon (it seems to keep popping up) now with improved sound system, possibly inspired by Apocalypse Now. The jeep followed us up the hill pumping out revolutionary marching music and popular hits like Gangnam Style to get us really dancing on the pedals. And musically confused.

Screenshot from 2015-01-04 17:58:28
The big ass speaker and the axe are both awesome motivational aids.

The crazy rules made for a fun if sometimes uncomfortable race. I made an early attack and was shadowed by the 54kg wonder Binh for the first 4km or so. The last couple of kms are pretty steep so I put my attack in there and it stuck. I crossed the line at 28 mins 44 seconds – a pretty damn long time to be out of the saddle. Binh came in 55 seconds later. After struggling to keep up with Matt in Hanoi it was good to get some climbing legs back (no pressure Bleeksie).

An additional fun element of the Dance Race is that there’s no way you can take a drink.
When you see the old US radar station, you’re almost there.
Old Man Monkey gazed upon our folly with his usual philosophical demeanor.

After the race we rolled down the hill and repaired to an eel soup restaurant for breakfast and the award ceremony. No-one can say the Danang Cycle Club doesn’t run a classy race.

Waiter, there are eels in my soup.


The victors. I know you guys complain I’m skinny, but look at these dudes. There’s nothing of them. 3rd, the young guy in green, is Danang CC’s next big thing.