DUO-Classic 2016

Libby and I rode the Duo Classic on January 30th.
This is a great event, as the vibe is way more relaxed and friendly then most other XC races.
You could tell at the start line, it was super noisy with everybody chatting with each other, unlike many XC races I have done where we all stand around eyeing off the competition and looking at our stems.
This event was at Kowen and Sparrow, and the loop was 25km which we rode twice.
It had been raining the days before and, although the start was dry, it was forecast to start to rain again later during the event, we were just hoping it would hold off long enough to get around.
Then not only didn’t it rain until well after the presentations, it actually became super sunny and the damp track got better as it dried, helped by a strong wind.

We said to each other that we’d just ride to complete the course and that Libby would set the pace… ok, I rode a little ahead so that I definitely would not slow Libby down, but as usual she started chasing me a little which upped our speed and her pain levels at the end.
To our surprise we ended in 2nd place, beaten by the only 50+ team who were combined into our 40+ category 🙂

Keep an eye out for this event next year, it is worth the pain to enjoy the atmosphere.