King Nelba & Goats Knob

Tathra was the location of the 100km King Melba and 50km Goats Knob MTB enduro events.
A group of seven 3FIDIs (Doggi, James, Alwyn, Larkin, Libby, Bleeksie, Coach) and a crazy single-speeder (Aaron) stayed at a “regular group house” in Tathra for an awesome weekend of food, alcohol and riding.

The drive is around 3 hours but once you get there you are in holiday mode, doing some last minute bike tuning before relaxing and helping to use up the communal supplies of food and wine/beer/whatever.

Maybe due to there being a few other events around NSW, but there were not very many riders, which meant for a very free run through most of the tracks.

Some amazing single tracks built by the locals, quite different from the tracks around Canberra and a nice change, even if we only saw most of them between the 60 and 100 km mark, except for Doggi who just enjoyed the single tracks and didn’t have to ride all the straight fire-roads and bitumen.

We all made it around, except for Matt Larkin, who had a serious mechanical and limped to the 50km mark and DNF’ed for longer relax time.

Fantastic weather and everybody was happy 🙂
Oh, maybe not James as he got passed in the last 3km by Alwyn…. some cramping on James’ part was the excuse put forward.
Serious boasting rights were heavily used by Alwyn that evening, fuelled on by a ton of more amazing food and a little alcohol!

One fantastic thing about this race is the whole team that run it are volunteering their time and ALL proceeds of the last few years have been paying to put solar panels on all the Tathra community buildings, with a solar farm happening next. Nice!

Good results:

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  1. So Bleeksie, can we all expect to get faster when we cross into the fifties?

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