Less climbing more technical

Rode another cyclocross event and managed to get 1st in category and ca.12th overall out of about 40 or so riders.
Getting the hang of the bike but still hesitant during the mass starts.
Great to see the kids all enjoying a shorter version of the track and all getting a medal and some even cups.

Course this time was 2+km with no major pinches or down hills, just a few tiny bmx rollovers and plenty of super sharp corners. Luckily again no mud but this time some stone-pits to ride through… easy when they are straight and a lot harder when they are long and around a corner in the loose stones.

Cugnaux cyclocross results

kids are rewarded

2 thoughts on “Less climbing more technical”

  1. hehe James, will be sending stuff home via sea-freight, but the trophies wont make it on at this stage. Few more races to go and trophies to win!

  2. Have you organised a spare shipping container to bring back all the Bling?

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