One with the dirt

A few of us headed to Sparrow to ride the 3hr event. This was my (Bleeksie’s) first dirt ride after 8 months so was happy to team up with Alwyn for short fast laps in turn.
Dayn, Alina, Tom, Chris and Libby were there also, although only Dayn and our team were wearing 3fidi colours!

Tom did a awesome 2 laps in 3 hrs (slacker), where any normal person did between 6 & 8.
Dayn 9th Solo Male 40+ ->7 laps
Chris 2nd Solo SS ->8 laps
Libby 2nd Female Solo -> 7 laps
Alina 3rd Solo Female 40+ -> 5 laps
Tom 66th Solo Male 40+ -> 2 laps
3fidi Blouses (Alwyn & Bleeksie) 1st Male Pairs -> 8 laps