Showing the Belgium young guns how it’s done

Karl & Tom 2014 Belgium

As two of our 3FIDI members, Cath & Craig, recently finished their Euro stint, they handed over the Belgium representation to our Kiwi member Karl.

In the last two years Karl has been competing in a big event called the BKRC Challenge, organised by the Royal Brussels Kayak Club.
In the organisers words this challenge is a “endurance-type raid-form of triathlon”, and it includes Kayaking (+/- 6km), Trail Running (+/- 8 km) and Mountain Biking (+/- 38 km).

Because this is a teams (of 2 or 3) event Karl joined forces with Brussels-based Australian and long time Adventure Racer Tom Crebbin (pictured below in 2013 with wife Karen), friends of Tom and Alina, and racing under the name KIWOZZI in 2013 they finishing in 3rd spot on the podium (photo below).

Tom Crebbin 2013


Being all fired up by the experience of beating 100+ other racers to the edge of the podium, they upped their training this year to give it another go.
A few weeks ago I did get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, by joining in on a few pre-race training rides with Karl & Tom, after which my legs felt like they had gone through the wringer… ouch!
If Karl & Tom are this strong, other teams beating them would have to be seriously powerful.

Tom explains:

The 6km paddle was in the slowest double plastic kayak imaginable and we managed to bash out the fastest time.
Next was a 9km trail run, we got that done in 54 mins which was also the fastest time for the day. This really shouldn’t have been that us old farts run the fastest time 🙂
Then there was the 37km VTT (Mountain Biking) which took us 2hrs 2 mins. At the start of the ride we had a nice lead and put on a fast pace just in case. Then the dreaded call, “My back tyre just punctured!” came from Karl and we scrambled to get a tube in as the tyre slash was too big for the Stans to seal. This little circus cost us ca. 5 mins otherwise we may have whacked out the fastest time there also, we got 2nd fastest by 1 minute. Karl is incredible on his MTB, constantly pushing me to my limits and him barely breaking a sweat!
[artistic licence may have been implemented here by Bleeksie]

Even with the 5 minute loss due to the forced rest-stop during the MTB leg, they won overall by about 10 mins ahead of the 124+ teams including serious young insects… sponsored and all.
And in true Belgium style there was plenty of post-race beer after and bubbly plus a huge cup as prices.

Great work guys!!!!

Top spot Belgium 2014

RBKC 2014 booty for 1st

Full results with split timings:

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