Single speed & hills…

… a lethal combination.

“Hills hurt, couches kill!”…… give me a couch for a while now!!!!

I went out to the mountains to ride and meet some of the ArNuts and took my 29er SS for it’s maiden serious ride.

mmmmm, maybe not the best choice of bike for serious hills. 1300meters vertical in 50km, and 890m in the first 26km.


I had to walk a fair bit on the way out, with a 30+% ascent at ca. 25km…. serious hike-a-bike. Then I slowed down a bit avoiding descending too much before I met with the riders coming back towards Canberra, I turned and only needed to push up one small section on the way back. I had some slippage in the front chain ring, but a quick tune of the cranks fixed that, and a adjustment of the brakes meant the bike rolled better. (i.e. the brakes weren’t on all the time after the fix)

36 – 18 & 29er is not recommended for steep climbing!