They get wood and all I get is a flat….

They get wood and all I get is a flat road as far as the eye can see.

The main industry here, in the South West of France, is growing and logging pine forests, mainly for the pulp mills.

This may be a dreamscape for Canberra track builders, but so far no nice single-tracks in these there pines.

For now I stick to the roadie, riding on combination of hot-mix and rough-as-guts surfaces of roads that are pretty well flat as a pancake, with only a few very minor little blips of raised land.

Oh, and the temperatures are plummeting to where the rain turns into hail and it just lies there not defrosting… maybe I’ll stay inside today… f$ck rule #5 or #9!

The weather has been damp every day with only a few sunny periods, those are my usual ride triggers only to catch a heap of wet during the rides.

timber is the business

just flat for so long...

cool temperatures