2.. oops 3, out of 25+

So there were only two three 3FIDI entries in the Capital Punishment, Greg, Bleeksie and Doggi, all others were either slackers, roadies, or too slow to enter.

It was a perfect day, excellent tracks and a good ride had by both Greg, Bleeksie and Doggi.

Greg finished – 100km 4:03 hr – 6th in Veterans and 49th overall
Bleeksie finished – 100km 4:06 hr – 4th in Super-Veterans and 55th overall
Doggi finished – 50km 2:33 hr – 38th in Veterans and 138th overall

Plus Greg backed up an impressive ‘Fastest time’ and 2nd by 1 second at the Tonelli Cup handicap on the Sunday.

And here are some interesting statistics.

Where did the Self-seeding riders finish overall:
Where did the Self-Seeders finish

How long did it take riders, compared to fastest time:
Where people finished compared to fastest rider

3 thoughts on “2.. oops 3, out of 25+”

  1. But James and McAvoy’s team mates are currently listed as “Master Bates” and “Dixie Normous” – Not sure what their form is like..or if they can perform all the way through the night….

  2. Gary James had a flat and I came into the un-timed section 3 minutes ahead, but he got back 5 in the 2nd part and ended up 2 minutes ahead overall, so without mechanical he’s hard to beat as is at least one of his team mates Jason McAvoy. It’s going to be a smash fest!

  3. Excellent work fellas – and bodes well for your mont team – I notice the names Gary James and Tim Begbie in between the two of you, from rival mont teams, but I don’t think anyone else (40+) has two riders performing so well. No pressure on Big Jeff and Blunnie then….

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