3FIDI is in mourning

After an 18 months struggle with pancreatic cancer, Nicko (Nick Best) passed away on the 14th August only days away from his 48th birthday. It was always a pleasure to ride with Nicko and to be considered his friends.

One thought on “3FIDI is in mourning”

  1. Nick had a great 2011 – after the stresses of surgery and chemo in 2010 – he bounced back in 2011 – back on the bike, back to online shopping for new stylish kit, back on the bunch.

    He was determined to get back the ground he’d lost. While not often up for the pace of a Tuesday, he specialized in the Thursday Wiggle, Saturday SoccerDads and the occasional Monday Chicken Run. He built back up enough to comfortably handle Fitz’s Tharwa Challenge late last year.

    Those who rode with him often in 2011 will remember the smiles and the gentle nods of acknowledgement for the occasional push and the well paced wheel that brought him back onto the bunch from time to time. He didn’t ask for it, didn’t expect it, but he certainly appreciated the help and friendship, quietly offered by all of you, as he tried desperately to make a comeback!

    I’ll miss him always! I’m sad, but also glad, that I wasn’t there for the last few days. I’m just remembering that quiet determined guy, in his fantastic shed, fussing over his bike, with little Ruby under his feet, talking about the last ride, or the next ride, or the next bit of kit that was on its way from somewhere.com!

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