3FIDI success in Mongolia

Together with Libby and ARNuts rider Alex Ramsey, we went to ride the Mongolian Bike Challenge.
An amazingly long race with plenty of buympy dirt roads and some rain & mud thrown in the mix.
We did encounter smooth bitumen for 17 of the 1200 kms and 14000m climbing.
As well as many podium spots during the race, the overall results were:

Libby – 1st Female
Bleeksie – 2nd Veteran
Alex – 3rd master 1

I editing a video that should show on the blog in the next few days, but below are some photos taken by the masseur Jordi.

Full gallery here.

2 thoughts on “3FIDI success in Mongolia”

  1. You know what, they never offered any. As a matter of fact they didn’t even offer any alternative to beer!???? Some local vodka would have been a real race starter!

  2. Well done to you all. But what we really want to know was who won the fermented mare’s mik challenge?

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