A Cup or Symmetry…

… what to go for!?

The last cyclocross race while in France was looking good for another podium, the course was not too hard and I felt good. Even brought my own cheer squad of Virginia and visiting Aussie friend, Sue.
Then the rain started sprinkling dampness and the wooden board, that helped us get over an unusually high gutter, got too slippery my previous rollover speeds… SLAMMMMMM, down I went full speed onto my right shoulder and it didn’t feel good.

The race was over and an ambulance trip was the result.
Scans show a broken collarbone end, pretty well identical to how my left shoulder went last time.

So symmetry of the shoulders seems to be my involuntary pick for the day!

Bleeksies collarbones 5 years apart

One thought on “A Cup or Symmetry…”

  1. Oh nooooooo!

    If it any consolation I have just grazed my recent grazes

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