Cath takes the win, without trying (kinda sorta)

If you’re Cath’s physiotherapist, look away now.  For after some months of back trouble and many visits to the physio, things got the better of Cath in Saumur, France.  Cath decided that she wouldn’t race this weekend’s cyclo – La Saumuroise.  Her physio agreed.  OK for the ride, not for the race.  But once the start gun went, Cath was off, covering the first hour of the 100km race with the lead lads – at an average of nearly 40km/h.  After drifting back, and then out the back, Cath managed to cover the remaining distance for a ride time of 2 hours 49mins – and first place, a trophy and enough of the local wine to make a booking at the Betty Ford clinic an option, if not a necessity.  The course was really nice.  Very flat, with not quite enough hills, but lots of narrow roads to make racing interesting in the cross winds.  And there were plenty of historic sites, sunflowers and sun (of which we have had very little of late).  Not that we had much time to look at any of this.  I covered the 160kms in 4 hours 11 minutes – finishing three minutes down on the winning time (12th in category).  A great town, atmosphere and event!


One thought on “Cath takes the win, without trying (kinda sorta)”

  1. OMG again !
    nice one Cath. You do 3FIDI proud.

    did you really race in sox ? (podium pic)

    Anti doping ?

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