Edge of insanity

Sunday the 28th January we rode the Edge of Insanity, which is a circumnavigation around all the suburbs of the ACT.
Last year at took 160km, but this year we managed to shortcut over several hills, to have more climbing but 20km less in total distance.

We start at 7am with Rusty, Greg, Bleeksie, Libby and Anne and rode anti-clockwise around the burbs.
When we got to Holt Brooke joined us for a short ride… slacker, to Stromlo. On the way through Coppins Crossing we picked up James then rode to Stromlo and there Libby and Anne decided to loop around Stromlo with Brooke.

Then it was down to the 4 boys to finish the ride around, a Pide stop at Tuggers and drink stop at Chisholm, we made it back to Edgar’s at about 5pm and 140km from the start of the ride.
The last half of the ride is definitely faster, once you get over the super steep little pinch climbs near the Southern most section.

Back of Dunlop:
Oops, coming through!

Southern most point in the ride:

It’s all worth it for the rewards:

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  1. Well done guys; especially Rusty on his psycho cross.

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