3FIDI vs the AIS (and the AIS won)


I recently signed up for one of those AIS training studies that so many innocent and naive Canberra cyclists are tempted by. This one was for traithletes, really, investigating the effects of interval training on performance in a subsequent 5km run.

The initial testing was brutal. First a VO2Max test (my suspicions that I was never destined for greatness were confirmed). A few days later was another session on a  watt bike to see how long I could hold sustained and repeated high power outputs. This was a real puke inducer and there was a prize for the first to chuck. At the end of the week was the baseline test – An hour of short intervals at crazy power (150% of what was reached in the VO2Max test by each participant), followed by a 5km run. The idea was that the run was the dependent measurement so it was important to do it at absolute max – Ouch!

Then there was 3 weeks of vomit-inducing training sessions on the WattBikes. Twice a week we had to do 1 – 1.5 hours of totally puke-worthy short intervals at ridiculous power settings while people in AIS shirts yelled at us to go faster. Fun! Each week the durations of the intervals and the sessions increased. Fortunately, there wasn’t any running to worry about.

After the training sessions we were tested again. A session of intervals on the WattBike, another VO2Max test, and another interval session followed by a 5km run. It was a little easier the second time around because I knew what to expect, but still…..

I can’t wait for the next one ;-)   Rusty

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  1. Rusty when is the next session? I want to come and watch!!

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