Haute Route Triple Crown – Piglet!

After 21 days of climbing – Dolomites, French Alps and Pyrenees – Paul Hamblett has secured the inaugural Haute Route Triple Crown. Along the way he’s spent plenty of time on the podium – his 1st place on Stage 1 of the Pyrenees was particularly impressive.  With 14 days already in his legs – he overwhelmed all the fresh starters who were only doing the Pyrenees event and he’s maintained form for the whole week.  He finished off with another win on Stage 6 and secured 2nd on GC for the Pyrenees.

The 12 months of solid training has clearly paid off.   But it’s also resulted in some upper body shrinkage – so the 2013 3fidi HauteRoute jersey is a little baggie and wasn’t worn in anger.   Not surprisingly, Paul seems to be more committed to the sponsor’s jersey – Azur Cycle Tours.

Anyone interested in trying to wrestle the triple crown off him in 2015??

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