La Look

There comes a time when one realises that the ability to retain fluids seemingly diminishes with age.  For me, it came about 35kms into the 151km La Look.  In my defence, it was unusually cold.  And I had probably drunk more than needed ahead of the race.  So after 35kms ripping once around the Magny-Cours race track and then out through the fields of western Burgundy at 40 kms an hour, I spied my chance.  A few fellows had pulled road-side for a pee.  So did I, thinking that we were up for an easier pace.  Big mistake.  The pace upped.  I saw the lead bunch crest the first hill in La Machine; the next time was at the ‘pasta party’ in Nevers.

I had not expected to stick with the lead bunch much beyond the exit of the race track.  It’s been a long Winter here and this was my first event on the back of work- and weather-disrupted training.  I was planning to take it easy.  Unfortunately, I spent the next 100 kms working a ‘relais’ (relay – pace line) with a couple of French blokes and a headwind for company.  The bunch behind us only caught us with ten to go, and that was after the main climbs, including a nasty 14% shocker.  In the end, I was about twenty minutes behind the bunch with more bladder control than I; twice as much behind the youthful winner.  I am sure if I had one those Look 695 I had spied at the sponsor’s tent, I could have gone faster…

No photos from the event, but here’s a few snaps from trip above the Arctic Circle in Norway from a few weeks back.

Arctic Norway

Drying stockfish (cod) - Lofoten Islands, Norway

Drying stockfish by the many

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  1. Surely the name itself is a sign to get one NOW 🙂

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