More Race Craziness from Danang

Yesterday the Danang Sport Cycle Club held a mountain bike race up Son Tra, a lovely forested mountain right in the city. It’s a worthy opponent – equivalent to about 3 Ainslies, with some steep pinches (Strava says 23% at the top – I was having trouble turning the 28 over). I don’t have an MTB here but was allowed to ride my roadie on the course for kicks. The road is basically like a big footpath, quite doable on a roadie, but given the local skill levels it was probably a good decision to ban roadies from racing. 10614252_10204311256331959_2184344621095833200_nThe usual craziness at the start was all there: quasi traffic control stopping the whole beachfront road as we assembled. The big motorbikes were there, and the team from Saigon had brought a war era Jeep and a yellow Humvee. Nice.  1606898_10204311248291758_3935673626765575989_n10646865_10204311247411736_1483216957083493372_n

Then we did a sort of parade through town to the real start line, where we held up more traffic, including trucks going to the port. No complaints. IMG_20140830_063538

And then it was on! VPH_9637 VPH_9540 VPH_9613 P1120451

Not everyone got to the finish line in great shape VPH_9691 10325231_943599735656324_6700899522088841159_n P1120478

But all the pain was forgotten at the awards ceremony on top of the mountain. IMG_20140830_075029 P1120531

Danang put in a great showing, with second in Women’s, First in Men’s under 46,  Second in Men’s over 46. Go team. I even got a Souvenir Flag for completing the course. 1908427_10204311362174605_4194780194017660060_n

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